#TrueColors Wallpapers!


I got my iPhone 6 from Zedd! It’s a 16gb silver model loaded with 100+ Zedd songs, 4 Zedd music videos, and one of ten custom Zedd themed wallpapers. I shot a Zedd phone unboxing, but I need to edit it first. While we wait for me to have enough time and energy to put into the video, here are all 10 Zedd custom wallpapers! I contacted the other winners (from #TrueBlue, #TrueBlack, #TrueOrange, etc) and we exchanged pictures! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

One thought on “#TrueColors Wallpapers!

  1. Josh

    I Love Zedd too!! 😀
    I read that your iPhone that you won came with over a 100+ songs of zedd’s… Is there any way I could get a zip file of those songs, or something like that…

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