#TrueTeal Winner!!

She did it!! Lauren won #TrueTeal– twice! She got 3rd prize and Honorable Mention both in the same competition! This means that she gets a t-shirt and an autographed poster from the internationally famous DJ, Zedd! This also means that between the two of us, we get a 3/550 chance at winning the Grand Prize, which is an all-expenses-paid trip to go meet Zedd at his last True Colors promotional event! Here we go– I’ll keep everyone updated! Here are the two pictures that Lauren won with!

The first photo is a drawing that Lauren made. We flipped it upside-down and lit up the back, then held up a hand mirror to give the correct reflection revealing the Zedd logo!

This second photo was taken at my Alma Mater– FLCC. We visited last week to see all my old friends before they graduated, and we took a stroll through the nature trails. This picture was taken on those nature trails, and Lauren’s amazing photographer’s eye caught the best angle of a blossoming tree.

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