Zedd, the artist who produced songs like Clarity, Stay the Night & Find You, announced a promotional contest for his new album called “True Colors“. This competitions asks Instagram users to post pictures featuring a specific color (changes every 48 hours). I missed #TrueBlack day, but I hopped on board for #TrueOrange. This photo was my entry to the competition.

The model for this picture is Lauren Campbell, a Houghton College student studying Music and Business. Her hair is naturally copper colored, and I’m constantly inspired by her drive and ambition.


I used Adobe Photoshop CS6 and my DSLR (Sony Alpha a58) to create this picture. I downsized it, then uploaded it to Instagram. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I won #TrueOrange, but I’ll get eight more shots at winning a prize! #TrueRed is next!

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