After winning #TrueRed, I have been focusing on helping Lauren win a competition, too. She’s an amazing photographer, and has a great (and very different) eye for photo subjects.

As a throw-away, I posted this picture of my blue music studio from my college days:


Lauren’s pictures turned out to be amazing!! We illuminated the bottom of a jar filled with blue jell beads. Here were her three entries:

Unfortunately, Lauren didn’t win 1st or 2nd place. We are still waiting to hear back for 3rd or Honorable Mention placings– we’ll try again tomorrow!

#TrueRed Winner!!

I can’t believe it! The other day when I posted three pictures to Zedd’s #TrueRed competition, one of my photos won first place!!


This was the photo that won; it’s a picture of a light fixture placed in Houghton College’s Big Al’s snack shop. The photo subject and camera angle were Lauren Campbell’s idea, but I was the one who took this shot.

(Check the link showcasing the 4 other winners here: https://zeddtruecolors.com/truered.html )

The first prize winners are shipped an iPhone 6 with 1 month of free service from T-Mobile. They are also entered into another sweepstakes for a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to go see Zedd’s last True Colors experience. Will I get lucky again? I guess we’ll see! For now, I’m focusing on helping Lauren win a #TrueColors competition. Stay tuned!


The third day (and my second try) at Zedd’s True Colors promotional contest just ended with a #TrueRed theme. If you haven’t been keeping up to date, this contest asks Instagram users to post pictures of something that features the “Color of the Day” while using certain hashtags (like #ZeddTrueRed).

At the end of the competition, five winners are highlighted on the website. There are a total of 65 winners each day, and prizes include t-shirts, smart phones, posters, Beats by Dre, and an all-expenses-paid trip to a concert.


These three were my submissions to #TrueRed. After seeing some of the winners for #TrueOrange, I realized that posting multiple photos didn’t hurt your chance of winning. After realizing that, I went on a short photo shoot with my girlfriend, and I found three shots that I really liked.

The first was a picture of a light fixture at my local snack shop (Big Al’s), but I like how the angle and lighting made it look like a planet. The other two are of my girlfriend’s cat, Moxie. I propped my smartphone and my iPod touch so they worked as jerry-rigged lighting, then took pictures of the cat while Lauren played with a red laser pointer.


Zedd, the artist who produced songs like Clarity, Stay the Night & Find You, announced a promotional contest for his new album called “True Colors“. This competitions asks Instagram users to post pictures featuring a specific color (changes every 48 hours). I missed #TrueBlack day, but I hopped on board for #TrueOrange. This photo was my entry to the competition.

The model for this picture is Lauren Campbell, a Houghton College student studying Music and Business. Her hair is naturally copper colored, and I’m constantly inspired by her drive and ambition.


I used Adobe Photoshop CS6 and my DSLR (Sony Alpha a58) to create this picture. I downsized it, then uploaded it to Instagram. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I won #TrueOrange, but I’ll get eight more shots at winning a prize! #TrueRed is next!